Using color energy as therapy.

It has become very clear that everything in this universe is made of energy. Each one of us is a symphony of electro-magnetic frequencies. Now we finally have discovered the energy connection between all things. Scientists and spiritualists are now seam to be saying the same thing! Not only we are made of energy vibrations, but most excitingly, we have the ability to control and alter these vibrations we are made of. It has been suggested that up to 2012 we were known as homo-sapiens, but once the shift of magnetic poles is complete, some of us will emerge as homo-luminus – the beings of light and masters of energies.

Now is a good time to get in touch with your inner energies and learn how to control them. This will ensure a much more smooth transition into the new way of life. To help with this amazing transition, Colors You Need offers therapeutic light and color sessions to restore the body’s energy flow and balance the chakras as well as increasing the size of the aura.

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The amazing healing powers inside your body can be revived and reactivated with distinct vibrations of seven color frequencies. This year Colors You Need has joined forces with the Universe and there will be no more barriers between those who need help and those who can provide it.

An amazing new organization called Universe Gives is providing funds to allow Colors You Need the freedom to provide free energy healing services to those who can not afford it.

It will be a wonderful year of giving for us!

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Healing With Colors

A new book “Paranormal Pooch: A True Story of the Dog Who Healed One Family” has been released in July of 2011 and it’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other stores. It’s an eye-opening story of our strange dog Princess who led the author into healing with colors.

In this book Olga Horvat wrote about Bioptron Lumia treatments, and how this medical device helped  her husband tremendously. He had a muscular atrophy and he was in a wheelchair. In a couple of months, after using Bioptron, he could walk again. It was a miraculous recovery.

Recent aura photography sessions showed that the flow of energy coming out of my body was directly connected to my thoughts and feelings. The aura is constantly changing and morphing. It is a great news because it means that no matter how weak and messed up one’s aura may be at any given time, it can be changed and maintained at a desired level of vibrancy. This can be accomplished through multiple ways. There is Qi Gong, there is color meditation, there is art of sacred geometry, there is colorful diet, and there is Lumia Therapy – a fusion of light and color therapies.
Projecting color frequencies into the chakras of the body can balance the energy flow and increase body’s self-healing abilities. Be radiant, be strong, be happy, be enthusiastic, be compassionate, be true, be able to see beyond what meets the eye, and know yourself in this universe. That’s what having a strong aura feels like. The aura is created by the chakra activity. Attending to your chakras is a smart thing to do, to say the least. Knowing what the chakra activity levels are inside your body is the first step.
There are seven main chakras located along the spine. Each is equally important to our physical, mental and spiritual state. Learn more about chakras at

You can also use your thoughts to generate energy that will be used to create your aura!
Think positively of your body, or think of sex to generate a healthy red color in your aura.
Think of your happiest moments when you had a great time and of what would be fun to do really soon… do this to generate orange glow in your aura.
Think of learning something for the first time and remember the feeling of “I can do this!” and add yellow glow to your bio-field.
Think of your dearest family members and friends and how much you love them and want them to be well and happy to create green vibrations in your aura.
Think of perfection and beauty you can truly appreciate, think of proper ways of doing things, thing organized and there will be blue energy present around you.
Think of the future, see yourself in your desired future to create some indigo vibrations in you.
Think of God the way only you can, think of the universe as one and see yourself in it, think of concepts that inspire you on a spiritual level and you will stimulate your crown chakra enough to provide you with beautiful stress-free violet energy.
Remember that you are certainly in charge of what you think. You are the creator of your vibrations and your energy that is immediately contributed to the universal energy that keeps us alive.

The best light color for skin is Amber! Yellow, in general is a good vibration for the skin to interact with. Amber light is a soft warm yellow and it may literally improve the condition of the skin. It can heal acne, rashes, irritations, scars and other serious conditions like eczema, herpes outbreaks and mush more. Daily exposure to amber light vibrations can also benefit a perfectly healthy skin by minimizing the formation of wrinkles and age spots.

The sun light is a combination of different electro-magnetic frequencies.  The tiny portion of them that we can actually see is called the visible spectrum.  There are seven distinct colors.  We see them often in the rainbow, and we see these colors all around us every day.  Note, we can’t see colors if there is no light because color is light.  The light travels in waves.  These waves can be absorbed, reflected or transformed into different forms of energy.  Without this energy there would not be life.  We are all literally made of light and we emit light as well.  Ignoring this has been the norm for many people living today.  If you happened to be one of them, it shouldn’t be this way.  You must at least know your true potential when it comes to living your life in your body on this planet in this universe.

It turns out that we do have control over our personal energy and we have innate healing abilities.  We can channel the energies around us and within us.  We can all heal ourselves and heal others!  Of course, this will sound like a big joke to your doctors and pharmacists.  For generations now we relay on drugs to heal ourselves.  Sure, there are many cases when drugs of Western Medicine save lives, but relaying on drugs from the moment of birth to the moment of death does not seam all that right.  In doctors’ defense, they do all recommend that we spend time outside (to get the sun light) and that we include as many colorful fruits and vegetables in our diet (to get fresh color energies from the food we eat).  We need the light and we need the colors in our lives!  No doctor can discredit that fact.

Color therapy and other forms of energy work have been used around the world since the beginning of human experience.   Most of that knowledge has been forgotten, but some of that knowledge lives on because you simply cannot hide the evidence.  We all can feel it and some of us can see it.  You too can become aware of the power that is available to you and discover how to use it for better life.

Start by knowing the seven main colors of the spectrum: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.  Each of these colors have unique frequencies that determine our responses to them.  Find some time to look around and notice which of these colors are present in your life.  Try to see how you feel about the colors you see around you.  You may be drawn to particular shades of particular color at different times.  That is a good example of how your body is communicating with your mind and vise versa.  Soon enough I will tell you all about each and every color, where it lives in your body and what it can do for your well-being.

If you can not sleep at night, you may be too excited or too stressed out. You may even have a real case of insomnia. Well, try to introduce Indigo color in your bedroom. Use a blue light on your night stand and blue pillow case on your pillow. Indigo Blue vibrations will calm you down and help you sleep better. Eat some blueberries at dinner time to provide your body with blue energy from the inside as well.